It would be an odd day around town if I, Olivia, the elder of the Lovely sisters, didn’t shout at the radio, “Wait, that’s my favorite song!” According to my family and friends, everything in life is “my favorite song” (I guess I’m bad at making decisions?). I’m a technogeek who doesn’t think that there’s any problem with having more than three cameras. I love to admire handmade, original items (which is why I have such a love of Etsy) and browse flea markets and tag sales (I usually end up best friends with the person hositng the sale by the end). By trade, I’m aquilter and have had my quilts featured in Newsday and on Glamour.com. If I could, I would have a giant room with shelves of fabric, tables with sewing machines, and elves to clean up after me. Teaching children to sew and quilt is my passion, and I get chills watching a child finish their first quilt and beam with pride. I’m a Blanketeer with Project Linus and have worked with many schools in making blankies to donate.

Born and raised on Long Island, I obviously love Billy Joel, but James Taylor is my main man (with Van Morrison, John Prine, and Paul Simon at a close first). In real life, I’m a teacher and couldn’t be happier about my job. It’s pretty much my life (besides quilting, finding cameras on sale to buy, staying up late browsing Etsy, and eating frozen yogurt with granola). I’m thrilled to see you here at Lovely At Your Side and can’t wait to share life’s Loveliness with you!

Chattering on classics and always on the look out for a pitcher screaming to come home with her, that’s me, Jenny, the younger of the two Lovely At Your Side sisters. After a recent move to Long Island after years in Manhattan, I’m trying to figure out my life, my plan, my path and where my next adorable dress is going to come from. I collect pitchers (how many times can I mention that in this intro. alone?) and heels I should wear more. I love the idea of picnics but rarely plan them because the wardrobe is difficult (jean shorts or a pretty dress?), the decor is never right (which quilt? pillows to lean on? to place the blanket under a tree or not?) and the menu could be endless (heroes, and salads? or the Ina Garten-leaning cheese, grapes, and pre-made entrees?). I am highly amused by anything over-sized or undersized, the large ears of corn, strawberries and duck near the Hamptons, and doll house miniatures, respectively. I just bought a miniature pitcher (three times) and I have been carrying it around on my pinky finger intermittently for three days. I find overpriced luxury items, unflattering pictures, and bananas non-lovely. And I adore iced tea, aprons and our beautiful and lovely readers.


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