So, for the fourth of July, Mr. Banjo man and I are traveling to good ol’ NJ to spend the long weekend with his entire extended family. I cannot wait. However, I don’t want to show up empty handed, so with the help of Jenny and my Grandmother, we came up with the idea of making a giant basket of goodies to bring with me, (think: Little Red Riding Hood). I’m definitely going to make a few items to throw in there, but I also wanted to stuff the basket full of Long Island specialties. When I think about Long Island goodies, the first thing which comes to mind are Tate’s Cookies. Based out of Southampton, Kathleen King owns Tate’s Bake Shop; Tate’s makes a very unique and very delicious cookie which are sold not only on Long Island, but across the country. They were even featured on Rachael Ray as the Snack of The Day! Eric adores these cookies, so I’m excited to buy some up and package them nice and pretty for the basket (okay, who am I kidding, Jenny is wrapping up everything for me because she’s awesome at it). While looking around the web for things about Tate’s, I found the recipe for the cookies! Tate’s Bake Shop has their own cookbook with many recipes for not just cookies, but cakes, breads, and other mouthwatering, can’t-put-them-down treats. Have you ever had a Tate’s cookie?

PS. They also do wedding favors! Imagine getting these cookies as a giveaway…yum.


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