Okay, ModCloth, I love you, you know I do…but, when I stumbled across these white denim shorts for $89.99 my mouth dropped open. I know I may be cheap sometimes, but I just simply don’t understand why these shorts would be ninety dollars. I’m in the camp which believes that fashion is not just throwing on the most expensive designer piece, but making yourself look amazing, feel amazing, and be amazing with what you have and can afford to spend. Therefore, check out this little chart: for the same price of the one pair of white denim jean shorts, you can buy six pairs of practically the same white denim shorts…and still have $11.79 left over to spend on a cute top!

1. Classic Belted Shorts, $8.80; 2. Zippered Sides Denim Short, $17.80; 3. Basic Denim Shorts, $12.50; 4. 5-Pocket Twill Short, $7.50; 5. Daisy Denim Short, $15.80; 6. Cutoff Denim Shorts, $15.80


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